In May 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping the world, Sharon Cummings, a retired nurse, decided to do something about it. She recognized early on that shopping carts were a potential source of transmitting germs and bacteria from one person to the next. Grocery stores and other big box retailers responded by offering anti-bacterial wipes to shoppers. This resulted in haphazard protection for shoppers and created a new problem: how to dispose of the large numbers of single use, anti-bacterial wipes being thrown away every day.

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Sharon’s answer was to create a multi-use, waterproof, washable, anti-bacterial covering that could help protect users from encountering unwanted germs and bacteria. The question was…what next? Fortunately, through Sharon’s son, Cameron, she met and became friends with Dr. David Young and his wife, Karen. That friendship, and his belief in Sharon’s vision, led Dr. Young, a pharmaceutical industry veteran and entrepreneur, to partner with Sharon and they together created GermArmor.



GermArmor’s flagship product is CartArmor (Patent Pending). This product is just the beginning of the journey. “Our goal is simple,” Sharon said. “Protect you and your loved ones from unwanted germs and bacteria. I want to take the fear out of shopping and give people more control over protecting themselves.”

Sharon envisions an entire product line dedicated to ensuring that individuals and families are protected from germs and bacteria, such as COVID-19, to help people lead healthier lives.


“Hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember.”

“We want to remember our friend Bob, who lost his battle with Covid 19. He and his wife, Sandy were part of our video. Bob was excited for me, and my product CartArmor, he will forever be in our hearts.”


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